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Pre-School/Day Care

View our Free Pre-School/Day Care Programs that focus on a variety of topics including Self Esteem...

Elementary School

Protecting You/Protecting Me has been recognized as a model program by the National Registry of Evidence...

Middle School

Too Good for Drugs is an evidence-based program that builds a healthy foundation for students as they...

High School

Too Good for Drugs and Violence has a separate, developmentally appropriate curriculum developed for...


97% of people don’t have a problem with gambling but for 3% of the population gambling can be a...

Washington Drug & Alcohol Commission, Inc.  (WDAC) is responsible for the development, oversight, and management of substance abuse prevention services throughout Washington County.  WDAC strives to increase the implementation of prevention programs, age-appropriate strategies, polices and practices that are based on research proving effectiveness and/or best practices within the county.  The focus is to reduce risk factors associated with substance use and promote the development of healthy lifestyles that positively impact individuals across the lifespan, in their communities, families and schools.

Washington Drug and Alcohol Prevention Department provides services through Washington County.  Free prevention programs are provided to the schools and for all ages from pre-school to senior citizens in our community.

In the schools students are educated by utilizing both single presentations and evidence based curriculums.  The term “evidence based” means that the curriculum has been researched and proven to produce positive outcomes.   WDAC believes that young people who learn positive social behaviors grow up to be productive adults and make better decisions.  To learn more about the programs, please click one of the grade levels below.

The WDAC Prevention Department also serves on the SAP (Student Assistance Program) teams in the schools.  Prevention Specialists serve on the teams and are able to provide information and conduct groups for referred students.  The SAP Treatment Liaison is able to come into the school and assess for level of care for any student referred.

The Prevention Department focuses on issues that affect our community, through presentations that address individual subjects for groups/after school programs/senior centers. To request a program please contact our office at 724-223-1181 and choose option number 4.

Another service that the prevention department provides is free information on drug, alcohol, tobacco, and gambling through several health fairs each year. WDAC office also carries over 200 titles of  information which comes in the form of brochures, posters, bookmarks and activity books and is available during regular business hours. Be aware there are limits on the amount that you may get at any one time.