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Pre-School/Day Care Programs

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Washington Drug & Alcohol Commission, Inc.  (WDAC) is responsible for the development, oversight, and management of substance abuse prevention services throughout Washington County.  WDAC strives to increase the implementation of prevention programs, age-appropriate strategies, polices and practices that are based on research proving effectiveness and/or best practices within the county.  The focus is to reduce risk factors associated with substance use and promote the development of healthy lifestyles that positively impact individuals across the lifespan, in their communities, families and schools.

Free Pre-School/Day Care programs focus on the following topics and can be scheduled as a single program or in a series with several programs.

• Self Esteem
• Good Manners
• Hands are Net for Hitting
• Poison Safety
• Calm Down Time
• When Sophie Gets Angry
• Feelings–Glad/Sad Monster
• Traffic/Car Safety
• Rainbow Fish
• Germ Program
• Sharing Program
• What Makes a Good Friend
• Halloween Safety

For more information or to schedule a program call 724-223-1181 and choose option #4.