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Center of Excellence

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The Washington Drug and Alcohol Commission has proudly been selected as a Center of Excellence. In 2016 Governor Tom Wolf introduced the Centers of Excellence for Opioid Use Disorder (COE) as a solution to the growing overdose crisis within the state, as well as a solution to the barrier of engaging and maintaining individuals with Opioid Use Disorder (OUD) in treatment.

Our whole person integrated care model focuses on the well-being of the individual in every aspect of their life to work towards successful outcomes. Our highly skilled COE can offer job training, housing, transportation coordination, education services, childcare, employment training, connection to physical and mental health, and other services. Individuals who engage in services with our COE will be provided with personalized support, including a peer navigator who walks side-by-side with individuals through their recovery journey. In addition to the help of the navigator, the WDACOE provides every individual with a community-based care management team who helps the person obtain and maintain treatment/non-treatment resources.

The WDACOE works together with the individual to ensure their care is coordinated across all domains and that all treatment and non-treatment needs are addressed, either through on-site services or through other community-based agencies. If you or someone you know is struggling with opiate addiction, please contact the Washington Drug & Alcohol Center of Excellence 24/7 support hotline at 833-888-0467.