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High School Programs

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Washington Drug & Alcohol Commission, Inc.  (WDAC) is responsible for the development, oversight, and management of substance abuse prevention services throughout Washington County.  WDAC strives to increase the implementation of prevention programs, age-appropriate strategies, polices and practices that are based on research proving effectiveness and/or best practices within the county.  The focus is to reduce risk factors associated with substance use and promote the development of healthy lifestyles that positively impact individuals across the lifespan, in their communities, families and schools.

WDAC Prevention Department is able to provide the following free programs at the high school level.

Too Good For Drugs and Violence

Too Good for Drugs and Violence has a separate, developmentally appropriate curriculum developed for each grade level, and includes lesson plans that can be integrated into diverse subjects (math, science, English).  Outcomes from research included significant changes in attitudes towards drugs and violence, perceived peer norms, peer disapproval of substance use, emotional competence, social and resistance skills, goals and decision making and perceived harmful effects of substances.  The program includes Asset Building strategies and results in significant increases in factors that protect student from engaging in risky behaviors.

Learn more about the Too Good For Drugs Program.

Operation Prevention

Operation Prevention Program is a program that was developed by the DEA and Discovery Education to combat a growing epidemic of prescription opioid misuse and heroin use nationwide. Operation Prevention’s mission is to educate students about the true impacts of opioids and kick-start lifesaving conversations in the home and classroom. At the high school level this program focuses on (1) Types of Opioids (2) Facts and Misconceptions of Opioids (3) the Nervous System (4) Chasing the Dragon Video (5) Brian Neurotransmitters (6) Tolerance and Dependence (7) Homeostasis and Allostasis.

Specialized Classroom Presentations

These presentations can cover a variety of topics and are conducted with individual classrooms or groups identified from the Student Assistance Program.

Prom Promise

This program is offered to high school students within Washington County. Prom Promise is a pledge made by students to be alcohol and drug-free during their prom. By signing the Prom Promise, students may be eligible to win prizes donated by local organizations.  An optional single-presentation is also available with this program, which consists of viewing a video and taking part in a discussion in order to reinforce the dangers of alcohol and drug use as a way of celebrating the Prom.

Teacher In-Service Trainings

This presentation for teachers includes information on new and upcoming drug trends, the dangers of these drugs, and what signs and side effect to look for when children are doing these drugs.

Stacked Deck

This curriculum is proven effective in changing youth gambling behaviors. By teaching youth to approach life as smart risk-takers and weighing the pros and cons of their actions youth will be better equipped to determine the odds of achieving positive results. The six interactive lessons focus on the history of gambling; the true odds and the “house edge”; gambling fallacies; the signs, risk factors, and causes of problem gambling; and skills for good decision-making and problem-solving.  The goals of this program are designed to teach young people the facts about gambling and related risks, encourage responsible decision making and prevent young people from becoming problem gamblers.