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About WDAC

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Washington Drug and Alcohol Commission, Inc. (WDAC) is an independent non-profit corporation serving as the Single County Authority (SCA) for Washington County.  The SCA provides drug and alcohol intervention, prevention and treatment services to residents of Washington County through careful management of government funding. WDAC is located in the center of the city of Washington at 90 W. Chestnut Street on the 3rd Floor of the Millcraft Center.  WDAC houses an administrative, fiscal, prevention, and case management (treatment) unit. The mission statement for WDAC is:  Engage, Educate and Empower Individuals to Live Healthy, Addiction-Free Lifestyles.

The WDAC Case Management Unit provides screening, assessments, and case management services to clients who are seeking treatment for problems related to alcohol or other drug use. There is an integrated system of care available for Washington County residents seeking both a mental health and drug and alcohol treatment.  WDAC  collaborates with Washington County Mental Health/Mental Retardation in the management of the treatment for Co-occurring Disorders (COD)/complex clients.

WDAC  is also represented by a case manager  on the planning and clinical teams for the Restrictive Treatment Program (RTP).   This program  brings the full weight of the criminal justice system and the components of treatment to bear, forcing the offender to deal with his or her substance abuse problems. The program additionally affords the offender the opportunity to receive an abundance of treatment services, job training, education, and allows for restorative procedures such as community service to make the offender and community whole again.

To help clients through the treatment and recovery process WDAC has a Recovery Specialist who is available to help assist and connect clients to services in the community.

These programs are designed to prevent or delay the use of alcohol and other drug use while encouraging and promoting safe, responsible decision making skills. For more information, check out the prevention tab here.